Married At First Sight What To Expect!

The latest season of Married at First Sight is shaping up to be the most dramatic yet! As the show prepares to premiere on January 30th, we’re excited to give you a sneak peek into what’s in store. This time around, 20 singles will be brought together under one roof, in a bold move reminiscent of Big Brother. The result? A recipe for chaos and romance as our contestants navigate love, drama, and commitment.

With 10 wedding ceremonies on the horizon, tensions are sure to run high – and expert John Aiken warns that there’s even more drama brewing. But don’t worry, we’re not leaving you in the dark! Our lovely contestants will be introduced soon, so stay tuned for more on this season of Married at First Sight.

Sharon & Michelle – 31

Sharon & Michelle – 31

The recent news about Sharon and Michelle’s reality TV show has left us wondering what’s in store. The dynamic duo from Western Australia own a successful cleaning business together, but their personal lives are about to take center stage. Michelle, who recently returned to Australian shores after ending her seven-year relationship back in England, is looking for a new chapter of romance and adventure.

Meanwhile, Sharon is on the hunt for someone who shares her zest for life and active lifestyle. With these two strong-willed women at the helm, we can’t help but be intrigued by their journey.

Anthony – 33

As seen in an image from, Anthony’s dedication to his professional pursuits has long taken precedence over exploring romantic relationships. However, it appears he’s decided to shift his focus towards finding that special someone and embarking on a new chapter of life. Wishing him the best of luck in his quest for love!

Andy, 30

In a remarkable career shift, Queensland native Andrew traded in his army life for the unforgiving yet breathtaking landscape of Antarctica. As a plant operator, he played a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of facilities on the icy continent. Now, after an adventure-filled stint that has taken him to the farthest reaches of the planet, Andrew is embarking on a new journey – searching for someone to share his experiences and stories with.

Alene, 31

Alene, 31

With a recent interview on, Alene shared her high hopes for the show’s impact on her life. She’s convinced that this experience will not only bring her personal growth but also help her stay committed to her goals from day one. As she navigates her profession as a nurse, Adele finds immense fulfillment in her work, yet she’s equally eager to settle down and build a life that brings her long-term happiness.

Andrew, 38

Andrew, 38

The image, sourced from, captures the essence of a firefighter’s profession – a true hero! Andrew, the featured individual, has a deep passion for his job, which is evident through his dedication. Beyond his firefighting career, he has had experience as a physical educator and music teacher, showcasing a more nuanced side to his personality. A shared interest in Bali surf and children further highlights Andrew’s warm nature.

Cheryl, 25

Cheryl, 25

With a Scottish upbringing and a subsequent move to Queensland with her family, Cheryl’s bold and outgoing personality is deeply ingrained. Despite her confidence, independence, and strong social connections, she harbors a quiet concern that these traits might inadvertently make her intimidating to men – a fear that will soon be addressed.

Deborah, 53

With a career spanning decades, Deborah’s experiences are a testament to her longevity in the industry. Since the 1980s, she has been a fixture on set, jetting off to exotic locations for photo shoots and even making appearances in films. Her extensive travels have given her a unique perspective and wealth of stories to share.

Jesse, 31

While Jesse’s not one to actively seek out romantic connections, he’s certainly open to embracing love when it finds him. This carefree attitude stems from his down-to-earth personality, which shines through in his family-run fruit and vegetable business where he works alongside his dad. His warm and outgoing nature effortlessly draws women into his orbit – but don’t be fooled, these fleeting relationships rarely last beyond a few dates.

John, 53

The painful reality of divorce hits home for many, including John, who found himself separated from his childhood sweetheart despite their loving relationship. As the father of two, John’s usual confidence boost came from running his successful supply business and prioritizing a healthy lifestyle. However, this experience has taken a toll on him, highlighting the fragility of relationships.

Jonathon, 29

From the bustling streets of Brisbane, Jonathan’s life is a whirlwind of activity. With an air of confidence and intelligence that precedes him, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Add to this his innate perfectionism, and it’s no wonder he’s always on the go.

Lauren, 33

In a unique online dating profile, Lauren, a single mother, has taken the approach of being upfront about what she’s looking for in a partner. Not only does she want someone who shares her sense of humor, but she also views herself and her child as an inseparable package. This bold move may just catch the attention of like-minded individuals who appreciate her honesty and are willing to take on the challenge of getting to know her – and her child.

Michael, 30

Michael, 30

Michael’s journey to wellness is a remarkable one. Growing up in a family that struggled financially, he had to rely on his own resilience to navigate life’s challenges. Today, he’s living proof that with dedication and hard work, it’s possible to turn things around. His daily routine now includes hitting the gym for workouts and sharing his passion for martial arts by teaching others. But here’s the thing – there’s more to Michael than meets the eye. He also has a rather…

unexpected profession: stripping.

Nadia, 36

With the image of Adelaide’s picturesque landscapes and bustling streets serving as a backdrop, Nadia’s story unfolds like a fascinating chapter in the city’s narrative. A flight attendant by profession, Nadia has been navigating the skies and searching for her perfect match. As she reflects on her single status, whispers of ‘what’s wrong with you?’ begin to creep into her thoughts.

Amidst the uncertainty, our hearts go out to this lovely individual as we eagerly await the arrival of love in her life.

Nick, 29

Nick’s journey to find a meaningful connection is marked by his vulnerability, stemming from the aftermath of past relationships that didn’t quite meet his expectations. Despite this, he possesses a charming personality, exuding warmth through his bubbly demeanor and easygoing nature, with a shared desire for starting a family – a testament to his genuine aspirations.

Sean, 34

With a nod to Australian culture, an image from sets the scene for Sean’s story. The phrase ‘Woo-woo’ and ‘Cowboy’ evokes a sense of rugged individualism, juxtaposed with the emotional isolation Sean feels as he navigates life alone after his divorce. The country, often referred to as being warm-hearted, provides a fitting backdrop for Sean’s journey towards healing and self-discovery.

Simon, 39

Simon, 39

With a cheeky grin, Simon’s personality shines through even in the face of adversity. Diagnosed with epilepsy at a young age, his early twenties were marked by extreme seizures that led him to undergo brain surgery. Yet, from those struggles emerged a confident individual determined to find the missing piece of the puzzle, driven by a sense of purpose and an insatiable appetite for life’s humor.

Susan, 37

With a penchant for adventure, Susan’s story is one of transformation. After spending years as a truck driver and miner, she’s now seeking a partner who embodies traditional masculine qualities – someone who can offer her comfort and support when she needs it most. It’s a desire many of us can relate to.

Scarlett, 28

Scarlett, 28

With a sense of confidence and a longing for a fairy tale romance, Scarlett is placing her hopes in the hands of TV matchmakers, seeking her own Prince Charming on the small screen.

Vanessa, 31

Despite a string of past relationships, Vanessa remains optimistic about finding true love. Her experiences have only strengthened her resolve to find someone who can appreciate the intricacies of her unconventional lifestyle.

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