How Long Does Candle Day Last At Bath And Body Works?

Candle Day is one of the biggest and most popular annual sales events at Bath & Body Works. On Candle Day, candles are offered at a major discount for one day only. Shoppers can stock up on Bath & Body Works’ famous 3-wick candles, known for their enticing scents and beautiful packaging, for the lowest prices of the year.

Candle Day draws huge crowds to Bath & Body Works stores across the country and heavy traffic to the website as candle lovers take advantage of the chance to purchase these coveted candles at up to 75% off. The Candle Day sale has become an iconic annual tradition for Bath & Body Works fans eagerly awaiting their opportunity to buy candles in bulk for gifting or home use.

What is Candle Day?

Candle Day is Bath & Body Works’ biggest and most popular annual sale event. It’s a one-day event where all 3-wick candles are sold for the discounted price of $10 each in stores and online. Candle Day typically draws huge crowds of customers stocking up on candles for themselves or to give as gifts throughout the year. The signature, high-quality 3-wick candles from Bath & Body Works are normally priced around $25 each, so Candle Day offers a significant 60% discount on one of the brand’s most coveted products.

Bath & Body Works starts building hype for Candle Day weeks in advance, highlighting the most popular returning scents as well as new fragrances for the season. The brand has turned Candle Day into a major retail event for candle lovers across the country.

When is Candle Day 2022?

Candle Day 2022 will take place on Saturday, December 3rd. This is the one day each year that Bath & Body Works offers their popular 3-wick candles for the lowest price of the season.

The actual Candle Day event runs from open to close on December 3rd only. So you have from the time stores open until they close that evening to take advantage of the Candle Day deals.

Some people line up before stores open to make sure they get first pick of the candles before quantities sell out. Otherwise, you can shop Candle Day deals anytime during regular store hours on December 3rd.

This year, Candle Day falls on the first Saturday of December. But the date for Candle Day changes each year depending on how the calendar falls. It’s always a single day, and always on a Saturday in December.

So mark your calendars for Saturday, December 3, 2022 if you want to get in on the best Candle Day deals at Bath & Body Works!

How long does Candle Day last?

Candle Day is a 24-hour sale event at Bath & Body Works stores across the United States. It typically starts at the opening of stores on Candle Day and lasts until close of business that same day.

So if your local Bath & Body Works store opens at 10am on Candle Day, the sale will start at 10am and continue until the store’s closing time, usually around 9pm or 10pm. This means you generally have 11-12 hours to take advantage of the Candle Day deals.

Some stores may have extended hours on Candle Day, opening earlier and/or closing later to allow more time for customers to shop the big sale. It’s a good idea to check your local store’s hours in advance so you know exactly how long you’ll have to shop.

Candle Day is extremely popular and stores get very busy, so going early in the day is recommended if you want the best selection. The most coveted candles often sell out fast. As closing time approaches, remaining stock starts to dwindle as well.

So in summary, Candle Day lasts for one full day only, the hours being whatever your local store’s open hours are on the specified Candle Day date. It’s a short 24-hour sale, so get there early for the best deals and selection!

Candle Day Deals

One of the biggest draws of Candle Day is the incredible discounts Bath & Body Works offers on their popular candle products. For this one day only, all 3-wick candles are priced at the unbelievable rate of $10 each. This represents a significant savings, as regular prices for 3-wick candles are typically $24.50-$26.50. Even sale prices during non-Candle Day promotions rarely dip below $12-$14 per candle.

The major candle sale isn’t limited just to the standard 3-wick candles. It also includes the higher-end White Barn signature jars and other specialty candle lines. Exotic scents like Mahogany Teakwood, Fresh Balsam, and Paris Café can all be snatched up for just $10 each on Candle Day.

Bath & Body Works also offers discounts on other candle products and accessories during the Candle Day sale. Votive candles and car fragrance refills are marked down to $3 each. Other accessories like decorative candle holders, nightlights, and Wallflowers plug refills are likely to be offered at a percentage off regular prices.

Basically, if it’s a candle item sold at Bath & Body Works, you can expect to see it deeply discounted in some form for Candle Day. This creates huge hype and excitement for the event each year.

Most popular Candle Day scents

Candle Day offers huge deals on Bath & Body Works beloved candles, and some fragrances tend to sell out fastest. Based on past Candle Days and bestsellers throughout the year, look out for these popular scents that often top the charts on Candle Day:

Winter Candy Apple – A perennial favorite, this candle combines crisp Red Delicious apple with sweet vanilla crème. It’s a signature Bath & Body Works holiday scent.

Mahogany Teakwood – With notes of mahogany, cedarwood and oak, this masculine candle is hugely popular year-round.

Champagne Toast – Fizzy and festive, this scent blends bubbly champagne with juicy nectarine and blackcurrant.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles – The smell of pumpkin spice waffles with brown sugar makes this a must-have autumn scent.

Eucalyptus Rain – This soothing, spa-like fragrance mixes eucalyptus, lavender, and rain-kissed lilies.

Fresh Balsam – The essence of a New England Christmas tree, with realistic pine, cedarwood and earthy tones.

Candle Day Tips

Taking advantage of the amazing deals on Candle Day requires some strategy and planning. Here are some tips to make the most of your Candle Day shopping experience:

Arrive early. Many Bath & Body Works locations open early at 7 or 8am for Candle Day. The best selection will be first thing in the morning, so get there as close to opening as possible. The most popular scents tend to sell out fast.

Know the prices. All 3-wick candles are $10, and single wick candles are $6. Other candle accessories may be marked down too. Review the promotions ahead of time so you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Scope out the store layout beforehand if you can. Identify where your must-have scents are located so you can grab and go efficiently. Bring a shopping list and stick to it to avoid overspending.

Browse quickly then get in line. Don’t spend too much time smell testing candles or you’ll miss out. Make your selections swiftly then queue up at the registers.

Bring adequate payment. Stores get very busy so mobile pay options like Apple Pay will be the fastest. Bring extra cash just in case of any technical issues.

Shop with friends and split up. Having a friend with you allows you to cover more ground in the store. Separate and conquer different areas then meet up again.

Stay positive and patient. Lines will be long so keep calm and be kind to other shoppers and employees. It’s a hectic day but soon you’ll go home with your haul of deeply discounted Bath & Body Works candles!

Candle Day Online

In recent years, Bath & Body Works has expanded Candle Day deals to be available online in addition to in stores. This allows customers who may not live near a store or don’t want to visit a crowded store on Candle Day to still take advantage of the big discounts.

The online Candle Day sale usually begins at the same time as the in-store sale, starting at midnight or the opening of stores on Candle Day. The deals typically last for the entirety of Candle Day both online and in stores while supplies last.

Shoppers can browse all the eligible candle scents online and add to their cart to purchase at the Candle Day price. Standard shipping rates apply for online orders, though Bath & Body Works often offers free shipping promotions around the holidays. Supplies of popular scents are known to sell out quickly online just as in stores, so shoppers will want to act fast to get their top choices.

The convenience of shopping Candle Day online gives more customers access to the big savings. Though the in-store experience of smelling all the scents firsthand can’t be replicated online, the online sale makes Candle Day more accessible to all.

History of Candle Day

Candle Day at Bath & Body Works is a highly anticipated annual event for candle lovers. So when did this beloved tradition first begin? The first official Candle Day took place in 2017. It was launched as a one-day event on a Saturday in December where all 3-wick candles were priced at the discounted rate of $10 each (the regular prices ranged from $22-$25).

The inaugural Candle Day in 2017 was a major success and customers flooded stores to stock up on candles before the holidays. Bath & Body Works quickly realized the popularity of Candle Day and decided to continue it as an annual tradition. In the following years, they expanded the promotion to last for multiple days instead of just one day.

Now Candle Day typically runs for 3 days, from Friday to Sunday, in early December each year. Bath & Body Works has capitalized on the craze around Candle Day by using it to launch special new holiday-themed candle scents each year. The event has only continued to grow with more shoppers joining the candle frenzy each year. So while Candle Day started as a 1-day sale in 2017, it has ballooned into a whole candle-obsessed season over the past few years.


In conclusion, Bath & Body Works Candle Day is a huge annual sale where candles are offered for a discounted price of $9.95 each. In 2021, Candle Day lasted for two days – December 3rd and 4th. The timeframe is usually the same every year, spanning the first Friday and Saturday of December. Customers line up for hours before stores open to get their hands on the lowest candle prices of the year and stock up on seasonal scents. Some of the most popular Candle Day fragrances are classics like Winter Candy Apple, Twisted Peppermint and Fresh Balsam. To get the best deals, shoppers are advised to go early, bring a friend, scan coupon barcodes and take advantage of online ordering. Candle Day is Bath & Body Works’ biggest event of the year and a huge draw for candle lovers across the country.

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